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    Practical Guidance ACC Australia

    Practical Guidance ACC Australia is a fast and easy resource to help free up your time and streamline your legal research.

    The ACC Australia Value Challenge guide

    This guide contains practical tips and case studies highlighting how some of Australia’s most innovative in-house legal teams are meeting the challenges of achieving greater efficiencies.

    Ethics for In-house Counsel

    Solve your ethical dilemmas with these tools which include best practice guidelines and hypotheticals.

    Legal Professional Privilege

    A practical guide for in-house counsel on LPP, along with educational material for the business and a draft independence statement.

    Legal Services Procurement Checklist

    Allygroup's Legal Services Procurement Checklist has six stages that can be applied to panel or non-panel based procurement.


    Producing customised agreements is made easy using this online precedent database.

    New to In-House Toolkit

    Access all you need to know about setting up practice and adding value to your employers' business.