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  • ACLA In-House Counsel 2014 Report: Reward, Recognition and Influence

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    In-House Counsel 2014 Report: Reward, Recognition and Influence

    For some people the almighty dollar drives attitudes towards work and performance, and vice versa. It is a simple equation. However, this ignores other influential variables. Attitudes towards work can be influenced by the level of engagement with the organisation, the value placed in the individual and the influence the person has to shape outcomes (EVI), and vice versa. How an individual’s performance is assessed can influence EVI, remuneration and attitudes.

    In this report we examine the relationships between remuneration, appraisal systems, engagement/value/influence (EVI), and attitudes. The report’s purpose is to provide information and ideas for all in-house counsel regardless of industry, size or tenure to support them in their workplace and career.

    We hope you find this report useful and welcome any feedback for future projects to ausmembership@acc.com.



    The survey was completed by 239 in-house counsel capturing the views of sole in-house practitioners, practitioners in mid and large legal teams, cross-section of industries and organisation types and across experience levels - the survey covered the whole of the in-house legal market and provides a statistically representative view.

    The survey methodology involved members being emailed an explanatory letter and invited to complete the confidential survey online via an attached link. Only single, complete responses were accepted. Responses were then collated and appropriate statistical analyses conducted on the results.

    Participant demographics

    In total 239 individuals participated, across privately owned companies, public listed entities, public unlisted companies, government organisations, non-government organisations (NGO), not-for-profit entities (NFP), and academic institutions.