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  • Benchmarking and Leading Practices Report

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    Benchmarking and Leading Practices Report

    The Benchmarking and Leading Practices Report contains essential information to improve the performance of all in-house counsel, from sole in-house counsel to large legal teams. Guided by an editorial panel of in-house counsel, with contributions from general counsel across all industries, this comprehensive report contains:

    • trends data;
    • practical tips to improve the department's practice and benchmarks to compare the department's structure; and
    • resources and performance to those in similar organisations.

    The Benchmarking and Leading Practices Report is released every two years. Click on the available reports below for further information.

    The report can also assist legal service providers to understand the in-house legal landscape. The report provides comprehensive data on key areas of interest that you can use to segment your target in-house counsel audience and create successful business strategies. If you're a legal service provider and would like further information or to purchase the report, click here.