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  • ACC Australia Newsstand

    ACC Australia Newsstand

    The latest legal analysis delivered to your inbox

    The ACC Australia Newsstand is a single, reliable, newsfeed of legal analysis, which you can use to keep track of what's going on in the industry and how any changes could affect your organisation.

    The ACC Australia Newstand is a collaborative initiative that aims to provide in-house counsel members with a depth of free practical know-how by partnering with innovative newsfeed service Lexology. The ACC Australia Newsstand can access a global legal knowledge base that allows it to deliver essential know-how and market intelligence to the desktops of members on a daily basis.

    We have initially tailored this service to reflect your practice areas, supplementing these with work areas identified by our research team as being of interest. Please visit your Account page to view these and to add any additional work areas and/or jurisdictions you would like to be kept up to date on.

    It is FREE to subscribe to the ACC Australia Newsstand. No need to sign up – as long as you're an ACC Australia member it will come to you automatically. You will receive no more than one daily newsfeed of current legal analysis from the world's leading law firms. You are free to change your settings or cancel your subscription at any time. Your personal details will remain confidential.

    If you experience technical issues or have any feedback, please contact dclarke@lexology.com
    If you would like to contribute articles to this service, please contact ateague@lexology.com