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  • Membership

    Your ACC Australia Membership

    ACC Australia is by in-house counsel – for in-house counsel. Our membership is designed specifically for in-house lawyers and is your gateway to the global in-house legal community. Membership provides access to local educational events and programs, along with a range of tools and resources to help you navigate the in-house legal environment. Click here to view the range of member benefits.

    "I feel so lucky to be part of ACC Australia. It gives a couple of key things that I value. One is the access to the global resources on topics that are really relevant to me doing my job...The second thing...is [the] opportunity to connect with peers...I can speak with, meet, share ideas, share challenges and it’s almost reassuring knowing that you’re not alone with some of the challenges that you’re facing as in-house counsel."

    - Carmel Mulhern, Group General Counsel, Telstra

    Your Membership Eligibility

    Subject to any determination by the ACC Australia board, ACC Australia membership is open to:

    • lawyers who:

    (a) are employees of a body corporate (other than an incorporated legal practice or law firm) or a statutory corporation or government or semi-government body whose responsibilities include the practice of law or the provision of legal advice; and

    (b) do not hold themselves out to the public for the practice of law or the provision of legal advice; or

    • lawyers who are engaged to provide legal advice to no more than two bodies corporate (including their related bodies corporate) or statutory corporations or government or semi-government bodies at any given time, whether as an employee, contractor or as the sole director of a body corporate (which may include an incorporated legal practice) under a contract for provision of legal advice.

    Subject to the exception below and any determination by the Board, the following persons are ineligible for membership:

    • Individuals whose responsibilities include selling or providing services to Corporate Lawyers (either individually or through their organisations) who are not their employer. This includes individuals who work for companies that provide legal services such as recruitment agencies and law firms.
    • Individuals whose responsibilities include sales, marketing and business development in the legal market.
    • Individuals who do not hold qualifications which entitle that person to be admitted to practice law in a jurisdiction.

    Notwithstanding the above:

    • for the purposes of the definition of “Corporate Lawyer”, practice of law and legal advice is not limited to service in the legal department; it may also include a member servicing other departments such as tax, intellectual property, government relations, compliance or corporate governance; and persons who at any time in the preceding 12 months met, but do not currently meet, the criteria for full membership are eligible to apply for full membership of ACC Australia for a period not exceeding 12 months (or such longer period as determined by the ACC Australia board in its absolute discretion).

    " I’m a member of ACC Australia because of the comprehensive resources available. The daily legal updates and insightful newsletters help me stay up to date with recent changes in the law as well as provide insights into best practice within the in-house environment. The events are always of a high standard and provide great opportunities to meet other members while gaining useful knowledge (and CPD!) that is specific to my in-house role."

    - Emily Jordan-Baird, Corporate Counsel, Transdev Australasia Pty Ltd

    Your Membership Investment

    ACC Australia membership remains current for 12 months on a continuous membership cycle. For the 2016/2017 financial year the cost of ACC Australia membership is $315.00 including GST.

    Please note a one-off $55.00 joining fee is payable upon joining for first time ACC Australia members. Join Now.

    Corporate or Departmental Memberships

    ACC Australia offers a special membership arrangement for large in-house legal departments if the total number of ACC Australia full members employed by your organisation is 10 or more. Contact us on 1300 558 550 for further assistance.

    Not currently working in-house?

    ACC Australia membership is available to in-house counsel only. Click here to check your eligibility.

    We encourage law firms and legal service providers to take advantage of the many sponsorship opportunities available through ACC Australia. Please contact us for more information.