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  • What are you covered for?

    Professional Indemnity Insurance

    What are you covered for?

    Eligible Members are automatically covered for claims that arise:

    • in connection with the provision of legal advice to their employer or related body corporate, whether on a full or part-time bases;
    • where an Eligible Member has an informal discussion or gives their non-legal opinion on an issue outside their employment, such as in a social setting, which is subsequently relied on as legal advice; and
    • when acting in a pro bono capacity for indigent clients or for non-profit public interest or community groups.

    Pro Bono Cover

    In-house lawyers entitled to provide pro bono legal advice in their State or Territory must have professional indemnity insurance protection that is approved by their Law Society or other regulatory authority in their jurisdiction. This may include obtaining coverage under the National Pro Bono Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme administered by the Australia Pro Bono Centre, an insurance policy held by a Community Legal Centre or obtaining a low or no cost professional indemnity insurance policy through their local legal practitioners' liability committee.

    Please note, that the ACC Australia Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy is not currently an approved policy for this purpose, though we hope this will change over time. This means that although the ACC Australia policy will actually respond to claims arising from the provision of pro bono advice by Eligible Members, this may not be sufficient for meeting the pro bono professional indemnity insurance requirements in your jurisdiction.

    Pending approval of this policy for pro bono purposes, please consult your local Law Society or other regulatory authority before solely relying on this policy for pro bono services.

    What are you not covered for?

    The policy responds to civil and criminal liability claims against an Eligible Member, however, loss is not covered where the Eligible Member is indemnified by their employer.

    As with all insurance policies, some exclusions apply such as claims arising from matters that occured prior to the policy coming into force (1 July 2016), prior pending or known proceedings and employment claims.

    Further information on the policy exclusions can be found in the policy document.